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Bilbo readme

BILBO : Automatic reference labeling (C) Copyright 2013 by Young-Min Kim and Jade Tavernier. written by Young-Min Kim, modified by Jade Tavernier. BILBO is an open source software for automatic annotation of bibliographic reference....


Bilbo help

—————————————— BILBO : automatic reference labeling —————————————— Usage: python src/bilbo/ [options] <input data folder> <output data folder> e.g. training: python src/bilbo/ -T -t bibl Data/train/ Result/train/ labeling: python src/bilbo/ -L -t bibl -d Data/test/...


OpenEdition corpus 1

We present three corpora constructed by Elodie Faath. Young-Min Kim and Patrice Bellot will present the corpora detail on May 23 2012 at LREC conference in Istanbul. On this occasion, we distribute our first corpus...